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Several core factors of Pi linear module electric slide table are very popular in manufacturing industry.

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Pi slider module has a wide range of applications in many industries, improving the use of automation, more accurate completion of work, these advantages mainly depend on its core factors.

1. Stiffness is especially important for precision machinery and instruments.

The deformation includes the deformation of the guide rail body, the contact deformation of the guide rail, and the resistance of the guide rail to force deformation. Deformation will affect the relative position and guiding accuracy of the components. Both should be considered.

2. Precision adherence:

It refers to the ability to maintain the original geometric accuracy in the work process. The accuracy of the slider depends on the wear resistance and the dimensional stability of the guide rail. Wear resistance is related to material matching, force, machining accuracy, lubrication mode and performance of protective device. The residual stress in the guide rail and its supporting parts will also affect the accuracy and adherence of the guide rail.

3. Motion smoothness:

Motion smoothness refers to the performance of the guideway which does not crawl when it moves at low speed or slightly. The smoothness is related to the structure of the guideway, the matching of the material of the guideway pair, the lubrication condition, the lubricant property and the stiffness of the transmission system of the guideway movement.

4, guiding accuracy and thermal deformation of supporting parts.

Guidance accuracy refers to the accurate level of movement of moving members along the guide surface. The main factors affecting the guiding accuracy are the geometric accuracy of the bearing surface of the guide rail, the structure type of the guide rail, the contact accuracy of the guide rail pair, the surface roughness, the stiffness of the guide rail and the supporting parts, the oil film thickness and the oil film stiffness of the guide rail pair. The geometric precision of linear motion guideway generally includes straightness in vertical plane and horizontal plane, and parallelism between two guideway planes. The geometric accuracy of the guide rail can be expressed by the error on the full length of the guide rail or the error on the unit length.

5, vibration resistance and stability:

Stability refers to the ability of a pair to withstand forced vibration and shock without self-excited vibration under given operating conditions.

6. Motion sensitivity and positioning accuracy of linear guideway motion sensitivity is the minimum stroke that the moving component can achieve; positioning accuracy is the ability of the moving component to stop at a specified position as required. Motion sensitivity and positioning accuracy are related to the type of guideway, friction characteristics, motion speed, transmission stiffness, mass of moving components and other factors.

Whatever the factors will affect the movement of the slide module, the figure of the electric slide can be seen almost everywhere in the manufacturing industry. As an ideal product for turning rotary motion into linear reciprocating motion, it can almost replace the work that hydraulic cylinders and cylinders can achieve. Even in automatic control, remote control and centralized control, electric sliding table has more advantages than cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. The electric slide is popular in the manufacturing industry, which is inseparable from its many advantages.

Various complex movements such as rotation and swing can be accomplished by various levers, connecting rods or rockers.

High precision, high load and high efficiency;

The structure is compact and compact, driven directly by the motor, with small size.

The body is made of aluminum alloy and the weight of the product is light.

The use of high-precision linear guide slider is very stable.

Stepper motor or servo motor and corresponding driver can be selected according to the needs, and customers can choose products without motor and driver.

The product's travel size can be customized according to needs, simple installation and long term maintenance free.

The cost of the product is low and the volume is small: it saves the oil pump, the oil tank, the air compressor as well as many complicated pipelines and other auxiliary equipment and saves a lot of space;

Low product failure rate, no oil pollution: as a result of avoiding the use of oil or gas transmission, no leakage of oil and gas and other fault phenomena, so that the pollution problem has been fundamentally solved.

Low energy consumption, direct motor drive eliminates the intermediate energy conversion link, the whole machine efficiency is very high, reducing energy consumption.

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Let's make the movements more precise.

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