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Advantages of Pi slider, cross slide and industrial manipulator to traditional enterprises

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With the development of the country's industry, artificial cost and population aging are increasing, but the cost of industrial robots is declining, and the performance is constantly improving, which leads to the increasing performance of the robot. At the same time, the linear module robot can also work in the harsh, dangerous and repetitive environment which is not suitable for manual work. It has the advantages that artificial labor does not possess. Therefore, it will be the trend of the times to carry out artificial substitution of robots.

The four advantages brought by industrial manipulator to enterprise:
1. However, it is suitable for more complex environments. It will not be affected when working at high temperature or low temperature.
2, improve the efficiency of labor. As long as the routine maintenance is appropriate for the manipulator. Compared to the workers, there is no time limit.
3. Reduced labor errors, workers will be due to fatigue and emotional reasons, work conditions will be affected, and the robot will not.
4, manipulator can do some high-risk work, servo motor cylinder greatly improves the breadth and width of the work. Belt slipway and screw slide table are the two most common types of slipway family. As an automatic transmission component with high precision, high load, high speed, simple structure and convenient installation and maintenance, they have excellent performance price ratio, so they are almost used in various fields.

However, there are many different places in these two types of slider, and the precise grasp of the difference between them can help customers to choose the most suitable products to meet their production needs. The biggest difference between the belt sliding table and the screw sliding table is in accuracy and speed. Because of the structural reasons, the speed transmission of the belt type slide table is better than the screw type slide table. So, when we use, speed or acceleration is the first consideration when we use the linear motor, the belt type slide table is generally chosen. When the screw type slide table is designed, it is focused on the consideration of precision, thrust, stiffness and so on. Therefore, its motion accuracy is higher or more than 5 times higher than that of the belt type slide table, and its precision is up to + 0.01mm at present.

Generally speaking, the belt type slide table has high precision, excellent load capacity, long life expectancy, and the micro electric steel is used in long stroke transmission equipment above 1m, and the screw type slide table is very accurate and runs smoothly, and is used on the transmission machinery with micro or micro motion.

The working principle of the cross slide table is:
A set of straight slide tables is fixed on another slide block of the sliding table.
For example, the Figes cross slide platform fixed the X axis on the slide platform of the Y axis, so the slider on the X axis is the moving target, the single axis arm can be moved by the Y direction of the Y axis to control the Y direction, and the X direction can be controlled by the X axis, and the movement method is generally driven by the external drive to finish the knot. This way, we can finish the movement of the slider in plane coordinates, linear or curvilinear motion.
The cross slide table of 1. cross slide table refers to a combination slide platform which is composed of two sets of linear slider in accordance with the direction of X axis and the direction of Y axis. Generally, it is also called the coordinate axis slide table and the XY axis slide table. In industry, the X axis is often shown horizontally, and the other axis is the Y axis. When the middle point of the X axis coincides with the Y axis, it looks like the word "ten" in Chinese, and the title of the cross slide also comes from it.
2. full dynamic column type construction machine tool is made into column type and dynamic column based on the X axis stroke. The Y axis slide rail is mounted on the side of the vertical column; the Z axis is attached to the side of the column. Because the shape is like a pillow, it is called a pillow, and the straight hand has a spindle head that can be extended and indented in the pillow. It is called the axis of the W axis. The shaft diameter is called the axis diameter. The stroke is slightly smaller than the Z axis. This structure mainly deals with difficult processing problems in mechanical processing, many parts are more deep holes or more.

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