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What is the difference between belt type linear guide slider and screw drive sliding table? How should we choose it?

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It is difficult for many users to distinguish the difference between the belt type linear guide slide and the screw drive slide. The technical engineer with many years'experience thinks that the positioning accuracy of the synchronous belt drive is lower than that of the ball screw in practical application.
1. Ball screw drive means that the motor drives the ball screw to rotate through the coupling or synchronous pulley, and then drives the slider fixed on the linear guide rail to move forward and backward. Ball screw has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, small friction, high rigidity and strong load capacity. But to achieve precise positioning. Speed depends on the speed of the motor and the size of the lead screw. The larger the lead pitch, the greater the speed of the slider movement of the single axis manipulator under the same motor output speed.
2. Synchronous toothed belt drive is driven by motor synchronous belt drive wheel rotation, and then belt drive linear guide slider forward and backward movement. The synchronous toothed belt has the characteristics of low noise, fast moving speed and low cost. Speed can generally achieve higher speed than ball screw. At the same time, there is no critical speed limit, which has a more cost-effective performance in long journey transmission.
3. Ball screw sliding table is better than belt in actual use, but in the electronic industry more than 1.5m journey, the screw has insufficient advantages in its mechanical structure.
The design of mechanical slide with X and Y axes is mainly considered in the following aspects:
1. Weight and size, that is, the structure size of the two modules of the main pair meets the rigid conditions, speed, that is, the movement speed of the two modules of the main pair.
2, safe and reliable stability, economic and practical.
3. The positioning accuracy of the two modules of the main module and the auxiliary module, the repetitive precision and the positioning method should also be considered manually. The maximum load of the executive mechanism of the auxiliary module or what clamping force to grasp the weight.
4, transmission mode, that is, the use of power source and transmission mechanism, control mode, such as electric control, gas control.

Belt slipway and screw slide table are the two most common types of slipway family. As high precision, high load, high speed, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance of automatic transmission components, they have excellent cost performance, so almost applied in all fields. But there are still many differences between the two types of slides, and accurate grasp of the differences between them can help customers choose the most appropriate products to meet their production needs.
The biggest difference between the belt sliding table and the screw sliding table is in accuracy and speed. Because of the structure, the speed transmission effect of belt slider is better than that of screw slider, so when we use it, speed or acceleration is the first consideration factor, we usually choose belt slider.

The design of screw sliding table focuses on the accuracy, thrust, stiffness and other aspects of the content of consideration, so its kinematic accuracy than belt sliding table is 5 times higher or more, its accuracy can now reach (+0.01 mm).

Generally speaking, the belt type sliding table has high precision, excellent load capacity, long life expectancy, and is mostly used in long-stroke transmission machinery equipment over 1 m, while the screw type sliding table has high precision and runs smoothly, and is mostly used in fine-tuning or micro-action transmission machinery equipment.
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