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Application scope and application requirements of Longmen structural electric slide

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The cost of the Longmen structure electric slide module is a little higher than that of the three axis cantilever platform module. The main reason is that there is a single axis electric sliding platform and a set of motor structure. The general choice of the Longmen structure electric slide module is basically a heavy load or a long effective travel and rapid plan, so the use rate of the Longmen composite structure is also very high. The advantages of the Longmen structure electric slide module are good stability, many azimuth, long travel and heavy load.
1. application range of electric sliding table:
According to the different terminal operation tools, the coordinate mechanical arm can be used very conveniently for all kinds of automation equipment, such as welding, handling, loading and unloading, packing, palletizing, stacking, testing, detection, classification, assembly, labeling, spray code, code, (soft) spray, target following, Deton and so on. . It is very important to improve the quality of the products, improve the labor productivity, improve the labor conditions and the rapid renewal of the product.

2. customer use requirements:
Each mechanical arm is designed according to the specific requirements. The first step of the design is to analyze the requirements clearly and determine the parameters to be considered in the design, including:
A: mechanical arm positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy;
B: mechanical arm load size, load characteristics;
C: the number of degrees of freedom in the movement of the mechanical arm, and the travel time of each degree of freedom.
D: working cycle or speed of mechanical arm, acceleration and deceleration characteristics;
E; the movement track of the mechanical arm, the association of the action;
F: the working environment and installation method of the mechanical arm.
G: operating working system and operating life of the mechanical arm.
H: other special requirements.
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